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A recent google study shows 67% users are more likely to make a purchase on mobile friendly sites, while 61% are more likely to leave.

Websites Adjust To Visitors Not The Other Way Around

Almost three-quarters of respondents said they are more likely to revisit a mobile-friendly site

With good responsive design, your content flows like water from a widescreen monitor, to a tablet, to a smartphone. It’s a fact we must accept that websites must flow well on mobile devices so your La Verne business can be in front of your consumers no matter where they are. Responsive websites are a great alternative to a separate mobile site and also come up higher in search engines’ rankings. Leveraging this technology now will ensure your La Verne company will be seen for years to come. Red7Systems can help.

Web Development - Responsive Design On Devices

4 Reasons Responsive Web Design is the Best:

  • 1 - Responsive website design & is development adjust to the users, not the other way around.
  • 2 - Development for Responsive Design prepares websites to accommodate users for all future devices ranging from mobile design to 4k displays.
  • 3 - A strong Responsive Design are a factor in Googles search algorithm for organic searching and improves your SEO ranking.
  • 4 - Development for Responsive Design makes it easier to manage.

Our experienced development team will plan, design, and develop a unique competitive responsive website that will increase conversion rates which will improve your sites overall traffic. It is our priority to make sure that our responsive websites blow away their competition across all devices and platforms. The future of responsive websites is now, and we will create you a website that will be current with all the newly developed goodies to keep your users engaged promoting longer times per page visit.

What does a Responsive Website Design truly mean? Having a responsive website is a website design that adapts its size to the user's device, whether that is a desktop with various size screens, multiple smartphones, or tablets. A responsive website dynamically re-sizes images, css, plugins, and all your content to multiple screen sizes to ensure your website can is effective as simplifying user interaction and load speeds for all device types.

Importance Of Being Able To Be Accessed On The Go:

Mobile web use is growing at an extremely rapid rate of speed, which presents a vast opportunity for La Verne businesses to strategize and target their customers. A website that is not optimized to adjust itself to multiple devices will score poorly on googles performance algorithm when ranking your website on search engine results. It will ultimately lead to frustrated visitors who will leave and increase your websites bounce rate which will ultimately lower your rank on search engine results further. Not only that, but all your competitors could develop their websites to be responsive and as they do that, your rank drops yet again. Our advanced responsive design will deliver you outstanding results for users on all devices. We also modify plugins that are used so they as well are responsive within your design. We make our sites get results customers are looking for from a custom development point of view to a design that will put them ahead of their competition and get you results.

A website that is not optimized for mobile usage and performance stands the potential to leave an enormous amount of opportunity and La Verne business on the table. Our professional responsive designs deliver outstanding results from both desktop and mobile users.

Responsive website design can drastically lower cost of a new website and cut down on development time. Creating a mobile site is no longer the solution now that the market has so many options a range of devices. The solution is having a traditional desktop website that is a responsive design and enables you to optimize your La Verne business.

It is everyone's goal to rank high on search engine results and one important factor to do that is to have a Responsive Design since that is the preferred user friendly design type.

Now Is The Time For a Responsive Website Design

Google recommends Responsive Website Design as the industry best practice for websites. A Responsive Website smoothly adapts itself to the device it is being viewed on. While a Responsive Website Design should be your end goal, creating a fully responsive site can present a small La Verne business with a challenge as the code is more advanced.

Mobile Configuration Types

Before we move forward, let us inform you of the difference in the three choices:
  • Responsive Design. Often referred to as “RWD” for Responsive Web Design, this approach uses fluid, proportion-based grids, flexible images and varying CSS style rules to deliver different user experiences to desktop, tablet and mobile devices while maintaining the same HTML and URL structure with the ability to hide and show blocks based on the size of the screen. The site in short shrinks or grows according to device screen size.
  • Adaptive Design. Referred to by Google as dynamic serving, adaptive design serves different devices using the same URL structure, but it does so by detecting the device and generating a different version of the site’s HTML appropriate for that device. The site has multiple versions that are served through common URLs.
  • Separate Mobile Site. Sometimes referred to as mDot (“m.”), this configuration delivers different HTML on separate URLs depending on the device detected. The usual arrangement is to have the desktop site located on the www subdomain and the mobile-friendly site’s pages located on the “m.” subdomain. Pure Oxygen Labs recently reported that 54 percent of the Internet Retailer top 500 brands currently use this configuration. However for current construction websites are utilizing the responsive design as the preferred configuration.

Google has outlined the pros and cons of each design choice in their Mobile SEO Guide’s Responsive Web Design, Dynamic Serving and Separate URL sections.

This is where we get the first hint of which configuration Google prefers, if not uses as a ranking factor. The responsive Web design page distinctly says, “We [Google] recommend using responsive web design because…” and then goes on to list six ways responsive design saves Google resources, delivers improved user experiences and avoids SEO pitfalls like bad redirects and fragmented link presence. This is the reason why Red7Systems in La Verne specializes in Custom Responsive Website Design.

What Can Be Said About SEO and Responsive Website Design

If the configuration of the website is not a Responsive Website Design, then it would have a negative impact on organic rankings.

  • Blocked CSS of JavaScript. Any mobile configuration can fall prey to this mistake, which can hurt organic rankings. Regardless of configuration, site owners must allow Google to view JavaScript and CSS files (particularly those relating to layout and navigation).
  • Bad Redirects. Adaptive and mDot sites are often negatively affected by failure to properly redirect based on device. If Google can’t find your mobile site, they can’t index and rank it. Responsive design does not carry this liability.
  • Improper Canonicalization. Since mDot pages have completely different URLs from their desktop counterparts, it is important to signal the relationship between two URLs with rel=”canonical” and rel=”alternate” elements or risk confusing Google as to which version to consider for which index, desktop or mobile.
  • Slow Pages. This is an area where responsive sites can sometimes be negatively affected by their configuration choice. Unlike most adaptive or mDot configurations, responsive sites load all objects needed by the full desktop site and do not have the opportunity to streamline page assets to match the device. As a result, responsive sites can often be slower to load than other configurations and break the rule that mobile pages should load in under one second.
  • High Bounce Rates. Related to slow pages and bad user experience is that poor mobile configuration can often lead to high bounce rates from visitors dissatisfied with what has been delivered to them on their device. If any mobile configuration fails to serve what visitors expect in a timely, easy-to-access fashion, that configuration can be negatively impacted.

Each configuration carries its own potential SEO benefits and liabilities. If any responsive, adaptive or mDot site is not set up properly, simply using that configuration will not be a positive SEO ranking factor that overcomes that misstep. This is why Red7Systems makes sure to take all the necessary steps at making sure Google can find the custom keywords we integrate through images alt tags and content and toggle alternative navigation for Mobile users meanwhile utilizing the Responsive Website Design in order to improve your La Verne businesses SEO Rank.

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