About Us

We Commit To Go The Extra Mile & Understand Our Customers

A Full-Service Custom Software Development Company Approach To Growing Your Business

Our mission is to provide excellent service and clear technology solutions for small business.
We have seven key commitments that flow through every aspect of our business.

Our Mission

  • Service first. We commit to go the extra mile by listening and striving to understand our customers business first, before offering solutions.
  • Truth. We commit to disclose everything and only offer what is best for the customer.
  • Reliable. We commit to be available and return calls in a timely manner.
  • Value. We commit to give a great value for the services and products we provide.
  • Expertise. We commit to be experts in our field by valuing on going training and offering the same knowledge to our customers.

At Red7Systems… we don’t just exist we STRIVE. From our technology consultants taking time to understand your business to our informed help desk consultants… you will see a difference.

Founder — Michael Huck

Michael Huck has been in the technology industry for over 15 years. He has personally worked with a variety of clients from large (US Defensive Department) to small (a community pharmacy). His personal passion is to provide first rate, high quality service. His experience, along with the expertise of his staff, allows Red7Systems to provide customized solutions that enable businesses to become more productive while saving thousands. “I’m in small business because I believe an entrepreneur lives in each of us. And I want to help that entrepreneur find unparalleled success in themselves and in their pursuits.” — Mike Huck, Red7Systems CEO & Founder