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Don't miss out on the growing demand your mobile customers are looking for when visiting your website. Mobile visitors have finally outnumbered desktop visitors.

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Mobile development has been steadily growing, and Red7Systems is at the forefront of this revolution. We cover the full spectrum of design, development, testing, launch and maintenance to make sure you get the most powerful mobile software solutions possible in a world dominated by hand-held devices. Our user interface designs are intuitive and beautiful.

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Mobile is Taking Over

There are now more searches done through mobile devices than there are on desktops. Google has confirmed that in 10 countries—including the US and Japan—are now serving more searches on smartphones than on desktop computers. We understand that the user experience is unique for the different types of mobile devices and we cater our features to those preferences. Mobile apps allow your customers to access your business anywhere they go.

  • Consumers are quick to act after they search locally on a mobile device. 50% visit a store within a day of local search on a smartphone, 34% from a computer/tablet.
  • 72% of consumers want mobile-friendly designs. Customers get frustrated if they don’t have immediate access to what they’re looking for and are quick to move to another site.

The User

The most beautifully designed mobile app will fall flat without usability. User Interface Design is just as important as functionality. Navigation must be intuitive and quick, help features should be thorough yet simple to understand, the app should appear consistent throughout different browsers & platforms, as well as rigorously tested.

The Benefits

Your employees can avoid costly on-site trips when they have control of and access to the information via the mobile app. In general, you can save 8-12 hours a week by utilizing mobile solutions. They allow you to work with contracts, forms, sales collateral and more whenever you need them, and even print on demand. All of this leads to faster turn-around times in a world where every second counts.


We are in a Golden Age of Mobile Development. From classrooms, to warehouses, and video games, there’s a mobile app for everything. We use mobile devices to watch movies, read books, shop for the best deals, keep up to date on current events, communicate with friends, get directions, the list goes on and on.

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