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You don’t have to rely on external vendors, or even know how to code to make changes or posts to your website. Publish content at will.

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You have support from a team of professional Designers & Developers backing you

Coding is complicated and takes years of experience to do well. The same can be said for Graphic Design. This is why we have Content Management Systems, or CMS. We build your site so when you add content, it fits into the design we have established. Updates to the site can be made by you, or anyone on your team with the correct permissions. SEO is easily managed, making your website extremely visible through searches. CMS offers many versatile options and has complex functionality built right in, which equals more value for your dollar.

Website Development - Content Management

What Exactly Is A CMS?

A CMS is an application that provides a central interface where you or members of your team can easily publish, edit, organize, modify and maintain content for your website. Basically, we create a template using your branding that contains tools and instructions on how to create or change web content without having to know programming languages like HTML or CSS. We can create simple widgets that handle specific functionality (such as a share to social media button), or complex ecommerce systems that lets you manage inventory and sales with ease.

You may have already heard of various CMS platforms such as Magento or WordPress. They have quickly grown in popularity due to their versatility. Depending on your requirements and technical ability of your staff they can be built with extremely advanced features for use by a veteran webmaster, or can be simple and intuitive so the most technologically challenged editor can manage a website with ease.

Why use a CMS?

  • Since you or your team is controlling content, it saves the cost of paying an agency to make changes. This also saves time as content is published instantly. There’s no need to harass a third-party developer who’s taking too long to make a simple change.
  • Content Management Systems are built with ease of use in mind. You can manage a unique website with robust functionality without having any knowledge of programming languages or design. Conversely, those with experience can utilize advanced features to reach the next level in appearance, interactivity and features. Plug-ins are readily available to handle anything you require.
  • You can use a CMS to set up an eCommerce online store with the ability to manage inventory, orders, and marketing for multiple store locations.
  • They are out-of-the box platforms, meaning you have everything you need to manage a site in one place. SEO is easily handled and websites are fully responsive.

We know the ins and outs of many different CMS platforms and can help you find the best fit for your budget and needs. Although these systems can be easy to use, they are very hard to master and you’re bound to run into snags; or maybe there is complicated functionality or professional design you require. Our team of developers and designers has a wealth of knowledge gathered through years of experience that can point you in the right direction, build and fine tune your site, then guide you with support along the way.

Website Development - Content Managment Systems


  • A popular free, open source eCommerce platform
  • Fast, easy and cost-effective
  • Contains a wealth of features allowing you to easily create, promote and manage a responsive site
  • Manage orders and inventory, stores, dropship partners and more with one platform
  • Magento Community Edition powers over 240,000 online stores worldwide supporting nearly all languages, currencies and local tax rates
  • Complete code visibility allows for unique and engaging sites
  • Enhancements are easy with thousands of custom upgrades and integrations found in the Magento Marketplace
  • Extensive community of developers who are constantly advancing the platform
  • In-depth training and resources are available. Training courses help you learn the ropes as a Magento developer
  • Community Edition (free) is perfect for small businesses
  • Enterprise Edition includes advanced features, scalability and around-the-clock support
  • Build customer loyalty by offering incentives for repeat purchases, or rewards for your high-value customers


  • Another very popular free platform that helps you create and manage beautiful websites or blogs
  • WordPress powers 25% of the internet, with 50,000 new sites every day
  • Extremely user friendly with simple-to-understand tools and help features
  • A multitude of versatile templates that let you completely customize your site with no design skills necessary
  • You can also build your own design using HTML and CSS
  • Optimized for SEO to get your site in at the top of Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines
  • 24-hour support via live chat, email, support pages and forums
  • Plugins integrate easily to support all your functionality needs
  • WordPress can set up and configure your custom domain to get you started in seconds, or use your existing
  • Supports multiple users allowing you to delegate tasks to your team
  • Premium plans offer more control and customization and all come with free trials
  • Fully integrated social media sharing to drive traffic to your website
  • Thorough analytics give insights to visitor behavior and site performance
  • Fully responsive so your site looks great on any browser size


  • Open source platform used by global enterprises, governments, higher education institutes, and NGOs
  • Flexible and highly scalable
  • Supports responsive design best practices
  • Integrates well with widely-used digital marketing technology and business applications
  • API-first focus allows you to connect to data from other sites and applications
  • Robust security tested against the most rigorous standards
  • Content authoring is easy for users of any skill level
  • Manage multiple sites on a single platform
  • Easily create and manage multilingual sites
  • You have a worldwide community supporting you