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Whether it’s eCommerce, Lead Generation, Branding or Social Media conversions, PPC can get the right customers to your website. Even more so when combined with solid SEO.

Get First Page Top Listing for a Multitude of Targeted Keywords

Selling products, advertising special events or offers, and building brand awareness go hand-in-hand with PPC

We understand that digital advertising can be risky. It’s true. If done correctly, however, it can lead not only to more website traffic, but the RIGHT traffic. By this we mean customers who are looking for something very specific that you offer, and are most likely to make a conversion. Now that PPC ads have been integrated into Social Media, your ability to find the customers you’re looking for has grown exponentially.

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What We Do

Being that PPC is very research-driven, we begin by assessing what conversions are most valuable to you. We find the pages you want customers to view, or create landing pages specific to your PPC ads. It is important to consider the competition, as certain companies have parts of the market locked in, and it can be very expensive to try and top them. In that situation we find alternative venues that will lead customers to the right page. We need find the right areas of the market to target; the ones that get plenty of hits, but are still cost-effective to advertise in. We then research keywords associated with that area that get the most clicks. They get implemented into your ads’ metadata and copywriting. Next we set the cost-per-click (CPC) and daily allowance according to your budget. What follows is a constant flow of analysis and refinement, leading to a report summarizing our success.


The driving force of PPC ads is keyword research, and is also the most time-consuming. Successful advertisers constantly research and refine their lists. This allows us to find the ones that are of most value, at the lowest cost and most relevant to your goals. PPC is all about targeted marketing. We’re looking for the customer who is searching for something specific that you offer, which as we mentioned before, is more likely to create a conversion.

Campaign Management

Once your campaigns are off and running it’s time for analysis. Advertising is never a guaranteed thing, but we leave as little to chance as possible. We sift through mountains of data and make educated decisions so your ads are honed to perfection. Luckily, Google Analytics and AdWords provide extremely valuable data down to the last detail. Not only can we see how many people clicked your ads, but more importantly we know their behaviors. When revising ads, we take into consideration what type of customers are doing the clicking, and map out their behavior on each page. That way we can find exactly where they made the conversion, or when they left the site. This helps us determine what changes are necessary. You will get to see all this summarized in periodical reports and in meetings to discuss strategy. We never forget that you’re investing hard-earned money and we want you to get the most for it.

PPC Campaign Service Details

Each PPC campaign requires a great number of tasks. Below you’ll find details on exactly what they entail:

  • Goal Strategizing: We meet with you to discuss exactly what type of conversions are most valuable to your company and determine the best way to achieve your goals.
  • Advanced Keyword Research: Whether you are new to PPC or have existing campaigns, we work on researching relevant keywords, finding the balance between cost and effectiveness.
  • Identify Landing Pages: If there are certain products, offers, events, etc. you want to push we can identify an existing page and fine tune it, or create a new one that is built to convert.
  • Creative Development: Based on the keywords we chose, we write copy for your text ads that speaks to your target audience. Our graphic designers can also create eye-catching banner ads based on your branding.
  • Conversion Tracking: Each landing page gets code implemented that works with your keywords and allows us to track customer behavior.
  • Campaign Submission: Text ads and/or banner ads are submitted along with keywords to the search engine then it’s off to the races.
  • Monitoring: Accounts are monitored and adjusted based on analysis of CPC, daily allowance, match type, geographical data, and much more to maximize effectiveness.
  • ROI Tracking: We solidify an ROI based on your goals and include a summary of our success in the report.
  • Monthly Analysis: At the end of the month, we provide document with a thorough analysis so you can easily see performance in every aspect of your campaigns. We then meet with you to discuss the previous months’ activity in order to determine what steps to take next.
  • SEO Ranking Analysis: We will provide a monthly review of SEO ranking to find where your site is ranked organically for the keywords we used in PPC campaigns.
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