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With Solutions To Support All Forms Of Collaboration

This includes voice, video calling, and instant messaging with Mitel MiCollab Client, and web presentation and collaboration with Audio, Web and Video Conferencing.

Maintain And Manage Notable Improvements In Your Performance

Our hosted cloud solutions not only delivers a powerful phone system with a varity of features, it is also very simple to use

By combining voice and data services into a single infrastructure there are fewer resources to purchase, a system that is easier to maintain and manage, and a notable improvement in performance. With a cost reduction of up to 70% on your phone bill, it is clear why VoIP technology is the future of telecommunications. As your company grows and you add more employees, it may be necessary to hire a technician to run land lines to the new workstations. VoIP phones use your LAN to transmit data, eliminating this cost. Red7Systems’ VoIP services can help you save money with fully-featured telecommunication systems.

Telecommunication - VOIP Devices

More Features. More Functionality

our hosted cloud solution delivers a powerful phone system with a varity of features With Red7Systems you will get access to the latest and greatest in advanced technology without any upfront investment. Your telephone service, warranty coverage, and software upgrades are included in the monthly price, so your monthly costs stay low and predictable.

Unified Communication

With features that include voicemail, video conferencing, instant messaging and more, you’ll be able to completely replace your PBX system in one easy step.

Web-Based Managment

Red7Systems will design custom ads/sliders for your business such as new items added to your site, seasonal markdowns/promotions, sales, featured products.

Find Me, Follow Me

Never miss an important call again! CloudVoIPPhones’s Find Me / Follow Me call forwarding features will find you, wherever you are.

Platform Upgrades

Get instant access to the latest and greatest features and functions automatically – no end-of-life. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Big Savings. Big Benefits

Hosted Cloud business telephone solutions from MiCloud Phones can provide your business with a complete and customized communcations system with no up-front investment in expensive hardware, no regular monthly system maintenance fees, and low VoIP call rates.

It's Not Just For The Expert

At Red7Systems we make it easy for you to understand how hosted cloud telephony works and how our VoIP systems can easily integrate into your business, boldster communications and boosts productivity. We take the complexity out of your new phone system.

Do More With Less

When you switch to MiCloud phone system from Red7Systems, you get more – more features, better quality, increased uptime – at a fraction of the cost and complexity of traditional offerings. You'll be happy, and so will your employees.

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Save up to 70% on your Business Phone Service

Make Calls Directly From Your Devices

  • Cloud Contacts - Everyone In One Place - All your contacts in one convient place, so no matter where you are everyone is located in one place.
  • Chat - Keep In Touch At Your Convienence - Sometimes projects don't require a phone call, so send a message at your convience and read them when you have time.
  • Status Alerts - What, When, Where You Are - When your out and about set a status alert to co-workers that your out of the office or working from home.
  • Softphone - Make Calls From Your Device - Use your computer, tablet or even a co-workers computer to access your cloud contacts and make calls directly from that device using an internet connection.
  • Mobility - Your Business Travels With You - From leaving the office to out on a job, attending a conference, meeting clients, it dosn't matter where you are. Our Mobility system allows calls to your office to sync with your device when your not in it.
  • Mobile App - Don't Lose Touch - The mobile app is downloadble for IOS, Android and Windows phones and lets you chat within the app, as well set alerts and make calls using your phone or device.
Telecommunication - VOIP