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Our mobile apps handle the task at hand with excellence combining the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics.

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We've done it all from Exercise Apps to Warehouse Management Systems

As mobile technology evolves, so does Red7Systems. Our mobile website design experts will ensure your company is branded across all platforms, and user interfaces are intuitive and beautiful. Information is easily accessible and tasks are performed at peak efficiency.

Creative Design - Mobile Application Design

Your Feedback is Critical

We listen to your needs and combine our experience to build the most efficient and effective apps to fit your budget, while catering to your user’s experience level and providing clear and thorough help features. No one knows your business and your customers better than you, making your input and feedback invaluable in creating the best user experience possible. In the world of Mobile Application Design, there are hundreds of ways to reach a goal, and we excel in finding best options. In addition, we educate ourselves on your competition, researching and testing similar mobile apps in order to avoid their failures while improving on their successes.

Minimum Viable Product

We develop the minimum viable product focusing on the core functionality, and once that is running smoothly we move on to supporting features and enhancements. This allows us to collect the most valuable feedback with the least amount of effort, ensuring we don’t spend time and money building a product that customers don’t want. We can test a product idea using minimum resources which saves time, and gets the product to early customers with the fastest turnaround possible.

Instinctive Navigation

We utilize clear and familiar design cues so the user is always aware of what is happening with the app, while using colors, icons, animations, prompts and a plethora of other design elements to guide your user. Navigation is instinctive and information is easily accessible. We consider every detail, from thumb placement to orientation and use familiar mobile interaction patterns in a way that is unique to your branding.