We Don't Just Analyze,
We Find Ways To Improve Your Business

We work closely with our clients and look into creative solutions to improve their business.

An Ongoing Effort To Optimize The Efficiency & Effectiveness

In a time where technology moves at lightning speed, optimization can be overwhelming

Red7Systems provides is custom tailored strategic consulting that will capitalize on industry leading technologies and use our expertise to achieve your goals. Our ability to use our business process management skills will increase your visibility as a brand. Our business analysis will give us the opportunity to proactively take action and rapidly improve your business performance. All of which we will use our internal performance metrics to track and show our success. At Red7Systems we understand the importance of business analysis and using the tools needed to show our improvements.

Business Consulting - Business Analysis

Red7Systems Leading Services in our Business Analysis Process

Our solutions to our clients business issues are solved by identifying their business needs and having our expert Business Analysis team strategize on proven actions to get results. Ultimately to solve any software development project issues of a business is to avoid costly reworks and ensuring optimum design and functionality. We pride ourselves on taking the critical steps towards developing superior software solutions to deliver your projects on time get the biggest return from your initial investment.

Our Expert Business Analysis And Consulting Team Delivers:
  • Strong understanding of business process and software development for a number of industries
  • Creative Developers and Designers to produce effective websites and software solutions to unique businesses
  • Effective customer relations with open communications on future projects and any issues that need to be resolved
  • A array of effective detailed oriented solutions such as code organization and code notes for future edits and projects
  • The ability to examine your business and ask questions to lead to successful solutions to achieve your goals and stay on path

Red7Systems prides itself on our effective Business Analysis process to act as a gateway been your business and our developers. Our business analysts are expert specialists who will identify and evaluate any business problem and propose solutions that will improve the bottom line goal, they will guide the software architecture, and meet any requirements our customers might have. To Red7Systems, your Goal is our Goal and we are here to help ensure the success of any project and continually stay aligned.

Our Business Analysis Team Are Constantly Involved In The Following Activities:

Our team will proactively be involved in the following tasks:
  • Research your business and competitors to set the goal to create competitive software or websites
  • Analyze your Google Analytics and business process to evaluate previous goals and results
  • Gather any documents or previous design work to ensure continuity to the underlying goal
  • Offer proactive creative solutions to achieve a goal sooner then you expected

Solutions Our Expert Team delivers in our Business Analysis service are:
  • Scope and Vision of the Project
  • Solutions for previously unforeseen programing issues that are scenario dependent
  • Proactive data research
  • Functionality and architecture examination of projects
  • Properly documented issues and solutions with a ticketing system to show a detailed report of validated solutions.
  • Disciplined business process to ensure accurate maintainable and structured results

Closely monitoring the phases of your project our Business Analysis teams job not yours

The Business Analysis team follows every phase of the project. They work with our client to make ensure that our clients interests are achieved and goals get results. Everything passes through our Business Analysis Team, so even a minor change in text requested by our client will create a ticket that our team will evaluate and assign and create a deadline to get it resolved immediately. We understand the importance of the phrase "Time Is Money" and its our mission to prioritize any issues that our clients have in order to achieve maximum efficiency.

Software development engineers and web developers often have many unique complex solutions for overall architecture and product improvements, and discuss all options with our Business Analysis Team so they can simplify the solutions on a more comprehensive level and work hand in hand with the customer and engineers to get results. Doing this ensures that nothing gets developed without prior approval from our clients, any change big or small.

Our team of experienced Business Analysis Team will help you achieve the following results:
  • To reduce wasted unnecessary development
  • Complete phases within the deadline and scope of your project
  • Create strong solutions
  • Improve project efficiency and effectiveness of results
  • Document every aspect of your project using our ticketing system
Business Consulting - Business Consulting